Opposition leader returns to Kazakhstan.

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Opposition leader returns to Kazakhstan.

Recently, the situation in Kazakhstan has deteriorated drastically. The opposition is  being persecuted, people are escaping from the country, the freedom of the press is restricted, and the people who dare to speak negatively about the rulers are being sent to prison.

As a result, I decided to go back to my homeland, Kazakhstan, to fight for democracy. I have been preparing to leave for some time, I wanted to make use of the Expo, during which the visas were abolished – previously the authorities blocked me crossing the border. Unfortunately, due to my mother’s death, I decided to expedite my trip to her funeral tomorrow. I last saw Mom in 2005, 12 years ago. The last time I have heard her voice was in 2008.

I am going to Kazakhstan tomorrow, on 12.07.2017.

My colleagues from the Kazakh opposition advise me to come and warn that there is a real danger that I may even be killed – as said Rozlana Taukina, the representative of the Kazakh Journalists Without Border. I am aware of the danger, but as an oppositionist I feel obliged to go and fight on the spot.

I will do everything to protect justice in society, to fight for the human rights in all areas of life. I think that the government should show people on what money from public funds is spent. I represent ordinary citizens; therefore, I am asking for support from NGOs and people. Together we will win and change the world to a better, more open and diverse place.

For many years I have been dealing with issues of respect for human rights and democratic change in post-Soviet countries.

I am the leader of Kazakhstan’s opposition abroad, since 2002, I am the President of the Association „Wspolnota Kazachska”, a Polish non-governmental „non-profit” organization working to promote and protect freedom and human rights, civil liberties and democracy development.

I work with many non-governmental organizations and social activists. I am an organizer and participant in actions supporting democratic change. I am a regular participant in the OSCE session in Warsaw, where I stand against human rights violations and restrict freedom of the press and speech.

I actively act against human rights violations and restrict freedom of the press in Kazakhstan. I defend the political prisoners and the oppressed opposition activists. I work with many non-governmental organizations and social and political activists. All my life I am indifferent to injustice and I fight for human rights.

As a Polish citizen, I turn to the authorities of the Republic of Poland for help and assistance during this difficult and dangerous mission.

Balli March

Leader of the Kazakhstan Opposition abroad

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Tel. +48 605 039 973