Opposition leader wants to stay in Kazakhstan.

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Opposition leader wants to stay in Kazakhstan.

Recently, the situation in Kazakhstan has deteriorated drastically. Opposition is being persecute, people are fleeing en masse from the country, freedom of the press is more and more limited, people who dare to speak negatively about the current government are going to jail. Therefore, I decided to go back to Kazakhstan, to my homeland, and to fight for democracy here.

My mother died on July 11th, 2017, and I came to Kazakhstan for the funeral by using the visa-free possibility introduced for the time of the Expo 2017. Last time I saw my mom in 2005, 12 years ago, and I heard her voice on the phone for the last time in 2008. Of course, I am sad that all these years the Kazakh authorities were not allowing me to come back to my homeland and that so many years I have not seen my mother.

My colleagues from the Kazakh opposition were discouraging me go back, warning me that the danger is a real and that I can even be killed. I am aware of the danger, but as an oppositionist I felt obliged to go back and fight here on the spot. I will try to do everything so that there is no injustice in society, that human rights will be respected in all areas of life. I believe that the government should show people where the public funds are spent.

I represent ordinary citizens, so I ask for support from NGOs and ordinary people. Together we will win and change the world for the better, open and diverse place.

I actively act against human rights violations and restricted freedom of the press in Kazakhstan. I defend the political prisoners and the oppressed opposition activists. I work with many non-governmental organizations and social and political activists. All my life I am indifferent to injustice and I fight for human rights.

I am Kazakh woman, and my father was a participant and one of the founders of the movement “Alasz”, with risking his life he fought for the independence of my country.

I turned to the authorities of Kazakhstan to grant me a residence card but did not get any response so far.

I am asking for a meeting at the earliest possible time in order to present the opposition in Kazakhstan and to talk about the possibilities of improvement of the situation in the field of human rights in Kazakhstan.

Balli Marzec

Leader of the Kazakhstan Opposition abroad

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