Kazakh opposition asks for meeting with Trump in Poland

28 cze

President of the United States of America
Mr. Donald Trump

Dear President!

Because of your visit to Poland on 6 July 2017, we are asking for the opportunity to meet and present a tragic situation of human rights and increasing repression towards citizens in Kazakhstan.
Recently the Kazakh authorities are actively selling out and giving for a long-time lend huge areas of Kazakh land to the Chinese people. Citizens of Kazakhstan, in the fear of losing their motherland, are incessantly protesting, but the authorities are grumbling over the protests and arresting activists.

I am an activist from choice for the dissemination and protection of civil liberties. I am an activist of the democratic opposition of Kazakhstan, working for the promotion and protection of freedom, human rights, civil liberties and actions supporting the development of democracy in Kazakhstan.
For many years I have been actively fighting with human rights violations, I am an organizer and participant in actions supporting democratic changes. I am also helping political prisoners and opposition activists in the world.
We have to fight for civic freedoms every day, any signs of violations of the fundamental rights of citizens should be counteracted. I am also present in the defense of freedom of speech, press, assemblies, independent courts as well as the right to work, health care, education – that is all we need in Kazakhstan.
The US is a backbone of democracy and a country that supports democratic changes all over the world. I am confident that your meeting with the leader of the Kazakh opposition abroad will bring you closer to the situation in Kazakhstan and I hope that thanks to you there will be a democratic transformation in Kazakhstan in the near future.

Balli Marzec

Chairman of the abroad opposition of Kazakhstan
[email protected]